East Midlands Inclusive Gala - Leicester 2017

We had 33 swimmers enter this event, 96% of the Orange Squad training team plus some learn to swim members, although on the day 4 individuals had dropped out due to illness. This event was one of the best we have attended this year, it was fun, exciting, very busy, hectic at times, fast moving, and eventful. Swimmers were very well behaved and really helped each other out, which in turn meant they helped me out. It was great to see so many young people (and the not so young) all encouraging and supporting each other, sitting together and showing a team spirit that is so special and unique to this squad.

Whilst I am not going to report on every single individual swim, as everyone swam outstandingly, there were some performances that need highlighting.

We had 3 younger swimmers attending, Elisa Latif, Emily Jane Surgeoner and Sam Brownsword, and all three achieved medal places, showing that they are able to swim alongside some of more established swimmers. Elisa was very nervous at first but soon conquered those nerves to swim a great freestyle, achieving a medal position.

Robin Surgeoner broke his own British SB5 record in the 200m breaststroke by taking over 3 seconds off his original record. Scott Hadley broke the SB7 British record also in the 200m Breaststroke.

We had 12 relay squads, with 10 out of the 12 winning medals, and 8 of those medals were gold and 2 were silver. Every swimmer who had entered an individual event had a relay place and demonstrated fantastic teamwork to come home in either first or second place. We did not have a single relay team disqualified, which is an achievement in its own right.

Orion swimmers took home over 100 medals today; many of those were gold with trophies won.

Every swimmer achieved medal position in at least one of their entered events, with highest medal winners listed below. Swimmers listed below all achieved gold medals in 3 or more events.

We had first time appearance from the following swimmers, and they also achieved medals in several events

Most swimmers achieved PB times today, with Vernon, Seth, Joshua S, Georgina, Scott, Gabriel, Jamie, Richard, Emily Jane, and Konrad taking off more than 3 seconds in some events. Fantastic swimming demonstrated.

I suspect there will be a few tired young people at school tomorrow, and few slightly not so young people tired at work.

I would to thank Steve, Dave, Alex and Grace who all gave up their Sunday to help me out at this event. Without their help and support, I doubt if some swimmers would have even made to the blocks on time.

We had a great presentation ceremony at the end, with trophies and medal being given out, along with recognition awards for outstanding achievements. p> A well-attended meet that was well organised and promoted an inclusive ethos throughout the day.

Results can be located here Leicester results