Orange Squad triumps again - Rugby 21st October 2017

On Saturday 21st October, a strong Orange Squad team competed at Rugby at the West Midlands Regional event.

Taking part was Joshua Fairchild, Scott Hadley, Jamie Markhall, Megan Richter, Anna Binns, Vernon Braziel, Robin Surgeoner.

We were the top individual club with Joshua, Scott, Megan, Vernon and Robin walking away with an impressive 30+ medals between them.

Vernon really worked hard and achieved a new pB time on the 50m backstroke, and came away with a silver medal. This was his first PB in a while so well done. I know he was pleased with his performance.

Jamie became a classified swimmer, and has qualified for nationals in Manchester with some great swims - with the best front crawl I have seen him swim. Robin and Jamie had some great swims side by side and Jamie achieved PBs times in every event.

Scott, Jamie, Vernon, and Josh all achieved PB times, with Scott getting that all important 400m qualifying time and finally broke his 50m freestyle PB time. Josh, Scott. Robin and Jamie will be competing in Manchester at Nationals at the end of the year and British International in 2018. Fantastic guys.

Megan showed us how to complete the almost perfect backstroke turn - I was impressed Megan and it takes a lot to impress me!

Scott impressed me with an incredible dive.

Anna unfortunately got disqualified on 3 of her events, lack of training showing through, and Emily-Jane. Daniel Evans did not swim.

I would like to thank Grace and Aimee who came long to help me out. Grace had to come early so had been at the pool since 3pm, and didn't leave until after 10pm. Both Aimee and Grace had come to support me and help with tapping for Dan Evans, who in the end did not compete, so huge thank you girls for your time and support. I know you have become great at ensuring wheelchairs and legs/limbs are at the right end of the pool, great at tapping and for general support.

We won't mention the spider that made an appearance, both Grace and I ended up at the other end of the pool whilst Aimee and Megan decided to try and give it a helping hand. How big was it?? Uck! The lifeguard had to come to the rescue of the poor thing. Thanks also due to Alex who came to help usher swimmers.

Well done to all - it was a bit of a late night but worth it. Fantastic evening and some great swims. Karen